Balloon Drops

Nothing is more spectacular and effective as a classic balloon drop. We specialize in balloon drop installation both large and small. We have never failed to rig a balloon drop anywhere no matter how low or high the ceiling area.

Our balloon drop nets are cut to size to fit your venue and we inflate the balloons at our location or yours. We rig our nets and place the pull string  where required. We also  make sure the pull string is in a secure area away from the public.

We use a special stitch to seal the long open side of the net. This is a tried and tested method which produces no friction when pulling. The nets are perfectly shaped to fit any venue. We support them using 500lb nylon spine and a thinner 50lb mono-filament for the pull cord.

If you’re looking for something different we can drop different shaped balloons with a mix of huge three foot balloons. The principle is the same and the total weight of the installed net is no different. Guests will have fun playing with the three foot Latex balloons by tossing them around!



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